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Lofsdalen-Glöte FVO is an approximately 50.000 hectares big area with mountain brooks, ponds and lakes that most often lies entirely in piece and quiet in of great natural beauty areas. The area offers a varied range of fishing possibilities. Lofssjön has big trout, Dyckessjön and Stråsjön is delicate char waters. Glötessjön has both trout, delicate perch and is an easy to access lake. The entire area has approximately 40 delicate fishing-waters.

The biggest fish caught whit rod within Lofsdalen-Glöte FVO is a trout that weighed in at 9,6 kg but there is larger and heavier still to catch.

To go fishing in this area of wilderness small rivers is an experience out of the usual. Lofsån, Sömlingsån, Glötån and Stråån is all exiting watercourses where you will catch both Trout and Grayling.

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If fishing is not your choice of activity there are plenty of other exciting things to do like, Safaris, tracked tours, excursions with mountain bike, cross country skiing and downhill skiing, snowmobile rides and different activities suitable for children are just some examples of what there is to do, depending on the time the season you choose visit us.

A hike combined with fishing in the unique wilderness is something beyond the ordinary and a memory of a lifetime. A fantastic nature experience awaits you!

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